Sunday, March 2, 2014

March E-postal Match

It must be Spring notwithstanding the sub-freezing temps I'm currently enjoying. This is because the first E-Postal pistol* match of the year is up at Mr. Completely.
Basic rules: 10 rounds from the shooting iron of your choice, from 25 ft, standing, unsupported. The center allows for you to be breathing heavily after walking all the way down to staple up the target and back, but those 4 little dots are worth 25 pts/ea. So do you feel lucky? Don't bother downloading this picture. It comes out best as the pdf available at Mr.C's.

*The rules cover pistols, but if you want to shoot this with something else, like your .22 rifle for you Appleseed fans, or your pistol caliber carbine, or your M1 Garand, go ahead, there's a class for everything. We have some budding young Olympic grade air rifle shooters at the AR&PC whom I will try to interest in this.

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