Friday, July 12, 2013


Just when you thought Hollywood couldn't sink much lower, they rise(?) to the occasion and deliver the goods. No I haven't seen it. It's unlikely I will, still there's inspiration to be had here:

Next up an Australian spinoff to be called "Sharkaroo" Tagline: "Down here mate, the shark jumps you!". Starring Studly Marrowbone, Australian beefcake du jour, and co-star Sheila Boobalicious locally famous for not being able to keep any costume completely attached for more that 2 scenes.

This one could be a winner.  If Studly performs most of the show shirtless as is his wont, and sufficient gunfire, gory explosions, and noisy vehicles being driven recklessly are included, there would be something for everyone here.

You heard it here first. I want a percentage.

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