Thursday, July 11, 2013


Slow news cycle of late, so off into the trivial, if you consider imminent mortality (yours, not mine) trivial.

Certainly exercise helps, look how well it worked for Jim Fixx. Now that I'm retired and out from behind a desk, the daily bike rides have made the A-Frib symptoms disappear.

Eating carefully also helps. Moderation and wide variety seems to be the right approach, or you can take Steve Graham's approach: Not keeping a bag of chips and a can of honey roasted peanuts on the desk with the computer is also probably a good idea so I keep the chips on the printer, and the nuts on the bookshelf behind me.

I tried De-caffinating myself when I stopped working, but it seemed like I spent half the day napping. I'm back on the java, (half-caff) and only need to relax about 2 or 3 hours a day. The pot is an exercise in false advertising: It says it contains 12 cups, but I've never gotten more than 5-1/2 cups out of it.

Get your partner to help with the stress reduction. Hardly any honey-do's actually need to be done immediately as long as they don't involve rising water levels or some such.

Remember, monks don't actually live any longer than the rest of us, it just seems like it. and as one of my friends notes; If god had meant us to be vegetarians, he'd have made broccoli more fun to shoot.

Update: Yes. While coffee, beer and wine all have demonstrated health benefits, fish oil is now associated with prostate cancer.

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Richard G. Combs said...

For cryin' out loud, don't skimp on the coffee! The health benefits are tremendous and the evidence is getting stronger all the time.