Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Went off shooting with Paula today and was pleasantly surprised to find ammo available at the Wal Mart on the way. Federal .22lr, 325 count at $18/box, and CCI .22lr, 100 ct @ $8.xx. I'm probably the first person the counter man had seen in 6 months who only bought 1 box.

On top of that, there was no line to buy ammo.

So go ahead and shoot that $85/box stuff you bought at the gun show. There's more available at Wally World.

Sportsman's had .40S&W, 250ct @ $100, which is .25/rnd. Higher than it should be, but much closer to normal than it has been.


Anonymous said...

I was at Jensen Arms in Loveland, today, since they had just got a shipment of ammo in last night. *

Most handgun calibers were rationed to 100 rounds (including .22 LR), except .40 S&W, which they were selling by the case for $400/1000-rds.

50 round boxes of .22 LR were around $5.00 (depending on the brand), so $10/100-rds, or $30/300-rounds (which you couldn't buy anyway).

9mm was around $15/50-rounds, and .380 was $20/50-rds.

The shelves of the Wal Marts in Longmont and Loveland were mostly empty except for 12 gauge, and maybe some hunting calibers.

At Uptown Pawn, I did see those 325-round boxes of Federal Auto Match -- that you got for $18 -- on sale for $35 each. But I did pick up 100-rounds of .30 Carbine for $40. They're the old-style UMC boxes (yellow, instead of green), so I guess somebody had pawned their personal stash.

* Their Facebook page says for sale "August 24" instead of July 24. Typo on their part.

Anonymous said...

Federal Premium "Target" .22 LR
at Jensen Arms (Loveland, Colorado)

July 24, 2013
limit 100-rds

August 01, 2013
$5.79/50-rds, up $0.60 (12%)
limit 100-rds

I have not seen any .22 LR in 3 Wal Marts. Half of the ammo shelf in the Wheat Ridge Wal Mart has been converted to a knife display.

Billll said...

The Federal stuff I got had been $15-16/box the last time I bought it so yes, the price is going up a bit. Finding ammo anywhere is a test of ones hunting skills as well. The Wal Mart in Englewood will probably not ever show any ammo on the shelves as the Bubbas and Cleti (thanks Tam) will snatch it up as fast as it shows up. The more rural locations will probably give better results.

I've seen several people suggesting that ammo should become more available as the year wears on and gun purchasing data suggest that this is likely as well.