Monday, July 1, 2013

Gun Blog Black List - MIA

The Gun Blog Black List has disappeared. The message left behind reads:
Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.
Anybody know what happened?


Phil said...

I'll be damned if you ain't right!
No idea what happened there.
I had a Blog buddy log on to post one day and he found his disappeared too. He got a hold of Google and they put it back. Seems they had made a mistake.
It's either that Google did it or the owner deleted it.

Mike Miles said...

The New Gun Blog Black List Is Here:

Billll said...

Thank you very much. All my blog links have been updated.

Phil said...

Good deal. I put up a post with a link to it.

North said...

The GBBL is run by someone else. All that was done was that someone made a copy and worked to get people to link to them.

Do not use my graphics to point to any blog other than

Phil said...

Now that I am more confused than a punch drunk monkey....

What Happened to it originally, how did it come back all of a sudden and who is taking over?

I have no problem linking to the original version because that is absolutely the right thing.
I will try and clear up this confusion on my end at my Blog but I am still left to wonder just what the hell is going on.

Perhaps you could put up a post clearing this whole thing up for us all.

I will also leave this comment over at the original GBBL.

Billll said...

If I find out anything, I'll put it up. Meantime ISO* standards apply. Maybe someone will post their side of the story in the comments here. If we're lucky, we'll see both of them.

*ISO: Internet Soap Opera. Not to be disparaging of anyone as some of these have ended up in court at no doubt significant expense to the participants.

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