Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Colorado Recall Elections OpenTo Everybody

As of Sept 10, the date of the recall elections for Senators Morse and Giron, if you've been in Colorado for 22 days at some kind of address, you can vote in either of the recall elections.

1.  Visit the a Voter Service and Polling Center in the appropriate county and tell them you intend to move into the district you wish to vote in within the next week or two.
2. Register to vote in that district. They have to let you.
3. Your mail-in ballot will be sent to your current address. Fill it out and send it in.

If you change your mind about moving later, say after the election, that's O.K. We all know that job offers can fall through and the like.

On election day you can show up at the Voter Service and Polling Center, tell them you plan to move down there, register, vote, and drive back home. Same day service, and you don't even have to tell the home precinct about it. Did I say drive? With gas prices so high? Take the bus! I'm sure at least one party will be providing free bus transit both ways on election day.

The election is the only game in town on that date, meaning that voters in other jurisdictions wouldn’t be missing the chance to vote for their own local officials if they cast ballots in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.
As a result, it’s not hard to envision a situation in which the election turns into a statewide free-for-all, with Democrats busing in anti-recall voters from Denver and Boulder while Republicans truck in pro-recall voters from Parker and Greeley.

They say it's legal as long as you vote only once. I'm looking forward to seeing a 200% voter turnout in these elections.
Under the newly passed Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act, “the only residency requirement for voters is that they have to live anywhere in Colorado for the last 22 days,” said Arrowsmith, now serving his seventh year as county clerk. “It poses some interesting questions.”
The law was passed early this year. Guess which party was behind it.


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