Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Drone Shooting - Bounty

Expanding on Billll's ongoing drone e-postal match, the town of Deer Trail is considering selling drone licenses to bounty hunters to shoot them down. For $25 you too can have a lisence suitable for framing, permitting you to gun down any government-owned drone violating the airspace over Deer Trail.

There's a catch, of course, you are limited to 12 or smaller ga shotguns, and the range limit is 1000 ft., although if you bring one down, who's going to know how high it was or what you bagged it with.

"..or government skeet, as we call them around here."
                                          Kim DuToit
I would also like to remind you that the big blue and white one with "United States of America" on the sides contains a full flight crew and it definitely NOT unmanned, notwithstanding the empty suit in the passenger compartment.

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