Thursday, July 25, 2013

Colorado Gun Law - Unintended Consequences

The new background check law the Dems whooped through this year is having unexpected consequences. It seems that the proposed gun buyback in Boulder, and any other buybacks, can't be held as all buyers, whatever their association or intentions, must go to an FFL and get a background check. I had originally thought that potential alternative buyers could drop by a gun shop, get a check, and bring the process number with them to the event. Not so:

A stricter law that went into effect July 1 requires buyers to go to a licensed firearms dealer and undergo a background check. The InstaCheck systems used in the checks are not mobile, which means they couldn't be used at the sheriff's compound where the buyback was planned.
"It's not a portable system," Pelle said. "It can't be done at the site."
On the one hand it means that rusty junk can't be traded to a well-meaning nanny for a gift card. On the other it means that perfectly good firearms won't be turned over for destruction. It also means that those functional firearms won't find a new home where they will be appreciated.

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