Sunday, January 13, 2013

Health Care

The quickest way to reduce health care costs is to simply eliminate health care. Several countries operate on this principle and if you make it to age 20, your odds of making it to age 70 are actually pretty good.

Found this over at Theo Spark:

It has a Zazzle watermark, so you can probably get it there as a t-shirt or coffee mug. Make a great Christmas present for your doctor, no? It accompanies an article by Alan Caruba decrying the state of health care in the country.

Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban or severely restrict the painkillers which makes hiring the fellow with the gun look like a realistic alternative. But wait! He also wants to ban the fellows gun and take yours away from you. What's a person to do in such a state?

In England, the NHS routinely decides that if your odds aren't that good, it simply cuts off your food and water. In just a few days, you're no longer a burden to society. Here it looks like the magic number for the "Liverpool Care Pathway" as it's called in the old country will be 70.

Want to live longer? Get elected. Some senators have been preserved into their 90's.

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