Sunday, January 20, 2013

Guns And The Media

The local fishwrap, Pravda-On-The-Platte*, has a couple of noteworthy items in it today. First and foremost, they actually published a pro-gun editorial cartoon, although the editorial board probably didn't see it that way:

Captures the national zeitgeist quite nicely don't you think? It captured mine anyway.

At the same time they posted a survey that showed that people think that protecting gun owners rights is more important than controlling them by 50-45%. Remember gun control is about control, not guns.

Best way to reduce gun violence in this country? Heavy-handed enforcement of existing laws = 56% v passing more laws = 35%, so the obvious solution is more laws.

I notice that support for the NRA is running 56-40, which makes the NRA more popular than the president.

There is 41% support for allowing teachers with a CCW to carry on the job, which is encouraging. Free CCW classes for teachers is being offered by the RMGO. Go here to enter their drawing for an EBR and make a donation. $25 helps defray the costs of the course.

Finally how many guns are in your household? None = 57%, one or more = 43%. The 43% number is up from the generally reported 33% I'd been hearing only a few months ago.

*With the publication of the editorial in Pravda warning Americans to jealously protect their gun rights, I may have to come up with another appellation for the local newspaper monopoly. I'm open to suggestions, and the contest is on.

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