Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gun Law Opportunity

It seems the Swiss are annoyed at misuse of Swiss gun law stats, and have set out to straighten the record. Interesting article, and worth a read. The complaint goes on at some length, but look:

The Bradys and other anti gun folks are really fond of citing overall gun deaths in the U.S. and include suicides in their totals, which puffs up the stats considerably as some 60% of U.S. deaths by firearm are suicides.

In Switzerland, the number is only about 20%. What's the difference? The Swiss are not noticeably less depressed than Americans, but they do have physician assisted suicide (PAS) available to them. The implication here being that if we could get Obamacare to include PAS in addition to the death panels, we could reduce our overall firearm death rate by some 40%!

Write today and demand this be added. 20 dead school kids is a tragedy, but 20,000 PAS is a statistic. It's for the children!

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