Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gun Sales

NICS is quick to point out, and I readily concur, that a NICS check is not an indicator of a gun sale. Sometimes it's multiple gun sales, and sometimes it's just a background check for some other reason. Still, the odds are good. So congratulations America, in addition to smashing the previous monthly record for checks of just over 2M, 2012 is another banner year:
19.59M for 2012.

While it it true that a NICS check does not necessarily mean a gun sale, it is interesting to note that civilian ammo supplies for the more popular calibers are down to 10% of normal, so someone is planning on doing some shooting.

Somewhat more ominously, it was observed that at a gun show in PA where activity was frenzied, sales of the "burial tubes" favored by survivalists were noticeably lagging.


BikerDad said...

Perhaps you should clarify your statement. Civilian market ammo stocks are down TO 10% of normal, not down BY 10%. For every 100 rounds that would normally be available, there's only 10 rounds, not 90.

Billll said...

Yeah, could have been phrased a little better.

Anonymous said...

Billlll, I wouldn't take the reduced sales of 'burial tubes' in Pennsylvania as an indication of anything. The ground in NE is well frozen by now. The top 2 feet of soil are frozen solid with another 2 or 3 feet of snow on top. Burying anything in secret is difficult under these conditions.