Friday, January 18, 2013

Magazine Ban Oversight

New York rammed a gun law through which, among other things limits detachable magazines to a maximum of 7 rounds. Inadvertantly they forgot to exempt their own lackys, the police. They promise to fix this, but:

Recently the NYC cops shot a gunman outside the Empire State Building, firing 16 rounds, and hitting 9 bystanders in the process.

Previously, in the Amadou Diallo shooting, the cops got 19 hits out of 41 shots, batting .463 which is quite respectable if you're playing baseball.

Prior to that the LAPD, resounding to a domestic disturbance/man with a gun, fired some 215 shots at the perp as he walked out of his house, got in his car, and drove away, putting not a scratch on him but doing some $6000 worth of collateral damage.

After a while it becomes obvious why the cops need those big magazines. Some of them no doubt hunt, which answers the assertion that "Nobody needs 30 rounds to shoot a deer."

Not to worry, the legislature promises to fix the oversight

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