Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Again, happy new year. Here's a musical interlude possibly appropriate to the occasion.


Got phase 1 of resolutions taken care of already. Wrote both Senators and my state rep and Senator, one of the four is actually on my side. The graphic in a post below showing school shootings before and after making schools gun-free zones will be on the projector screen during the debates.

Pravda-on-the-Platte publishes an article in which one of our state legislators is suggesting that the costt of the background check be transferred from the state, where it is now, to the gun purchaser. Here in CO, a BC goes to the CBI who routes it through the NICS system which presumably helps filter out certain misdemeanors and mental adjudication, assuming that the mental issues are referred to the state in the first place.

The cost savings would supposedly be routed to the state mental health agencies and the upshot is that the gunnies would be made to pay for it. This is thought to be fair since mass shootings involve both crazy people and guns.

This is unlikely to fly for several reasons.
First it's a tax, which the libs love, but it's a tax on an enumerated right, which is a setback legally.
Second, the gunnies didn't make all the crazy people that way, just a hand full of activists.
Third, we already pay the salaries and benefits of the entire legislature which in my mind is enough subsidy for the mentally deficient right there.

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