Monday, November 12, 2012

Advice From A Frenchman

The Dissident Frogman has an essay in which he analyzes the current state of the American political landscape and offers some warnings. It's worth the read, so click on over.

Look at the French Right. See it? Look harder, as it is now very difficult to distinguish from the Left. Back in 1981, when the French elected their first officially Socialist president in a long time, and the French Right went on a losing streak, collapsing at the polls under what was then dubbed la vague rose ("the pink wave". Rose in French meaning both the color pink and the rose flower, emblem of the French Socialists) they figured, quite cynically, that they had to give the voters whatever they demanded—and moved left. They are now only nominatively Right wing, yet are consistently chided and scorned by the French press as right-wingers, ultra conservative and free market fundamentalists.

In other words, the French "Right" is now always wrong, and only has herself to blame.
Sound familiar? Lose an election and react by becoming more like the people you lost to, tacitly endorsing their thinking. There is no Conservative party any more, just the Democrats and the Dem Lites.

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Anonymous said...

Republicans are too liberal?

I thought that most Europeans viewed the U.S. Democrats as slightly conservative, and that there is no mainstream liberal party in America.