Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cease Fire

There is allegedly a cease fire between Israel and Gaza. This apparently means that a reduced number of rockets are being fired into Israel and Israel has suspended counter attacks.

Just a reminder: Hudna is an Arabic word, translated in the western media as "ceasefire". What it actually means is "Oh please my enemy, I am wounded and out of ammunition. Please stop fighting until I can get medical attention and more ammo".

Reportedly the Israeli public is 45% opposed to a ground assault into Gaza. I agree. Flying over the territory and spraying it with a good strong pesticide would be far more productive in the long run.

But Billll, I hear you say, how can you advocate doing to the Arabs what the Germans tried to do to the Jews?

Easy. The Germans apologized and are now our friends. The Arabs haven't been anyone's friends including their own, since 650 AD or so. Since I can't figure out how to embed this, go to the Gates Of Vienna and watch the video lecture. It's a bit long, but very enlightening.

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