Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gun Stuff - Hi Point

Beemiller is pleased to announce that they are now the nations #12 firearms manufacturer.
Click to enlarge or if that doesn't work, follow the link and click to enlarge. They are right behind Kel-Tec, and don't make shotguns. Perhaps they could take advantage of the anti-gun political maneuvering to keep Saiga shotguns out of the country by picking up a license to make the magazine-fed guns here.

Speaking of Hi-Point, I've got a new sight mount installed on my 4095 carbine which is delivering one-ragged-hole groups at 25 yards. Yes, I know, with a bullet that big, you can get one ragged hole with a wrist rocket at that distance. Sure you can. Out of the box the gun shoots about 6 MOA. I'm looking at half that, maybe less. What this means is that if you're shooting prairie dogs at 200 yards, the little varmints have about a 50% chance.

Testing is in progress. Film, as they used to say, at 11.

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