Friday, November 2, 2012

Gun Sales Spike

It is by now something of a truism that gun sales spike in advance of elections. Here's a graph of gun sales from 91 through present from infowars:
For anyone who missed them there was an election in 92 in which a gun grabbing Democrat got elected and tried to nationalize the U.S. health care industry. Result: minor bump. In 94 he managed to get the AWB passed. At the end of 92, the Dems got their heads handed to them and gun sales followed hunting seasons until 1995. in 95, Eric Holder, a minor political hack from Chicage called for brainwashing people against the use of guns. I'm obviously missing some big event in 95.

The gun grabber was re elected in 96 to a big yawn from the public since Republican control of the congress acted as a buffer. In 2000 an alleged Republican was elected and the bursting tech bubble was news. Even 9/11 did little to spur gun sales, but look what happened when the Dems took over the house and Senate in 2006 and the whole government in 2008.

Note to new gun buyers: Unless you bought your gun from your buddy, the feds have a record of your purchase which can and will be used to track down and confiscate that brand new gat you just bought. Yes, I know the background check isn't supposed to be kept by the feds, but it is required to be kept by the dealer and turned over to the feds on request.

My theory is that once people noticed how well Florida's CCW law was working out, owning a gun looked a lot better than relying on calling the cops, at least in the opening minutes of the drama.


jed said...

I hear that business was quite brisk at the Tanner show yesterday.

Billll said...

I'll be there this morning at the CSSA table.