Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gun Grab

O.K. the election is over and we lost. Now comes the ritual paybacks. Last weekend the local fishwrap carried an editorial by Meredith Carroll calling for a renewal of the old AWB only this time the new and improved version. The premise is that this isn't the wild west anymore. Instead of isolated farmers with AR's fending off marauding Indians armed with AK's, it's flash mobs on the 16th st mall in central downtown. Certainly the use of automatic weapons in a crowded shopping venue is uncalled for. Not to mention they're hard to carry along with 5 or 6 big shopping bags.

This week the editorial has moved from the party line intensive Perspective section nearer to the front page in the Denver And The West section.
'Gun violence can be solved with science, public health experts say'
Colleen O'Conner is pushing the idea that guns should be regulated like medical devices.  This suggests that if the safety and efficasy of such a device cannot be proven, the device may be removed from the market. If the device can be proven to be a menace to anyone nearby, like cigaretts, the device may be subject to blanket confiscation in the interest of the public health.

At the same time, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, whose only known member in Colorado is currently serving as Governor, is proposing to close the private sale loophole in Colorado. This "loophole" allows me to sell you a gun without paying a $35 "fee" on the sale. The reasoning goes that most crime is committed by people who buy their guns from private parties. This will prevent the potential armed robber from buying a gun from his acquaintance, the burglar.
Widespread Support:
·       According to a poll commissioned by Mayors Against Illegal Guns in November 2012, 90% of Coloradans, and 90% of Colorado gun owners, support requiring all buyers to pass a background check.
·       In 2012 Frank Luntz, found 74% of NRA members and 82% of non-NRA gun owners agreed anyone purchasing a gun should be subject to a background check.
Somehow the results published here don't seem quite in line with my own observations. Sorry, no specific link. I notice on their website that they're current hobby horse seems to be to get your mental health records included as part of any background check so that people suffering from partial deafness, tinnitus, or having a history of voting the wrong way can be prevented from owning guns. A Variant of this is already being implemented in England.

The Colorado legislature now being 100% blue*, there is a distinct possibility that one or more of these things may make an appearance, sponsored by someone in a safe district and whooped through on a voice vote on a Friday as the last item before adjournment.

The time to begin calling, writing or otherwise bothering your state congress animal is right now. They understand that anything done now will be forgotten by the electorate in 2 years, so bear down hard, but politely. 

*The Dems hold a slim voting majority in both houses as well as the Governorship.


The Troll said...

"Certainly the use of automatic weapons in a crowded shopping venue is uncalled for."

Which is why only the police should be allowed to have automatic weapons.

Billll said...

Of course. They're the only people in this mall qualified to.....