Thursday, November 29, 2012


The survey says that Colorado is in a tie at 35th out of 50 with an overall high school graduation rate of 74%.
Here are the rates reported for Colorado as broken down by demographic groups:
  • American Indian – 52 percent
  • Asian/Pacific Islander – 81 percent
  • Black – 65 percent
  • Hispanic – 60 percent
  • White non-Hispanic – 81 percent
  • Children with disabilities – 53 percent
  • Limited English proficiency – 53 percent
  • Economically disadvantaged – 62 percent
In a possibly related story, with the changing of the State House from Red to Blue, the new chair of the House Finance Committee .

Never has that been more true than with the selection of HD6 Democratic State Rep. Lois Court to head the Colorado State House Finance Committee.  Rep. Court has, on more than one occasion, professed her lack of skills in math
Possibly a product of the local education establishment. I wonder if she understands the concept of a deficit?

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Brad K. said...

I can't decide if high schools are meant to spend government dollars, thus any dropout is a serious failure of the system, or high schools are meant to serve the community, in which case most graduates and the dropouts are serious failures of the system.

(Ever notice how fundraising is just another way to spend other people's money?)