Sunday, October 7, 2012

Unemployment - Update

Diogenes has a nice piece suggesting seven conspiracy theories all involving the Labor department to drive the unemployment numbers down in the face of a presidential election. The Labor department is currently working principally for the unions and the president, so nothing it actually does is much of a help at this point if you're like actually unemployed.

Timing is critical here if you are, say, the Secretary of Labor. You boost the unions for 3 years after the presidential election and the unions feather your president's re-election nest with dues money. The last year before the election, you change tactics and throw some support the non-union workers. Sure the SEIU and AFL will grumble, but the money and manpower will continue unabated, and after the election you can go back to the old model.

Secretary Solis has been a bit slow on the uptake this year apparently assuming that her boss would win in a walk, and she would keep her job.

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