Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gun Fun

Last weekend was the defensive pistol shoot. Temp was 25 deg at the start and half the snow had already melted the day before so getting in and setting up was easy. Knowing what was to come next, stages were arranged as to minimize movement.

By 9:30 the frozen ground had turned to mud as the temperature had climbed above freezing. By noon it was almost warm, so I set up and tried to shoot the postal match. I discovered that cold and tired does not set the stage for doing your best shooting, especially with the rifle, standing and unsupported.

I am experimenting with some rail mounts for the Hi Point that attach exclusively to the barrel in an attempt to eliminate any wobble due to "soft" mounting. The results are promising, but I'll have to take it out on a better day and shoot more carefully before making any wild claims. Still, two of us got "one ragged hole" groups. The new rail position is about 6 inches further forward from before, so it looks like a pistol scope might be in order with a longer eye relief. Alternately my red dot seems to work fine in that position.

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