Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cooking With Billll

I hate politics. It's the sort of thing that can drive you to drink, then drive up the cost of drinking.

In keeping with that theme, here are 4 recipes for tasty food cooked with beer. The first 3 can be made with Killians Red, but if the fourth is made with anything but Guinness, the Leprechauns will put sand in your shoes, or something.

Of course it's possible to mix beer and food in the same bottle if you put your mind to it. Ladies: If you're thinking of imbuing your sweetie with any of the characteristics of the ingredients, limit the experiment to 1 or 2 bottles. More may prove to be counter-productive.


jed said...

Chili in 30 minutes? Well, they put beans in it too, so it isn't really chili anyway.

I've found that lots of things that go in the crock pot work with beer.

Billll said...

Following the old traditional recipes that start off "First put 2 oz of sour mash in the cook."

Anonymous said...

"I hate politics."

You could have fooled me...