Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Education In France

Education is always a popular topic with politicians as a properly "educated" youth will become a reliable supporter of the doctrine he was taught.

French president Fran├žois Hollande is proposing to make homework illegal in the public schools.

Homework is how you reenforce the lessons of the day in hopes that the knowledge will become more or less permanently embedded. No homework will result in a less knowledgeable citizenry downstream, to any country's disadvantage.

Of course if you feel a less knowledgeable populace is to your advantage on election day,....

Article here.

Thanx to Mish for the lead.

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Brad K. said...

Homework can also be seen as a form of social engineering. It involves the parents in what the child learns, it reinforces the state's claim on the child's development and future by removing the child, for the period of doing homework, from the parent's ability to reinforce family culture (values, rituals and procedures, and lore), and community culture as well, and removes the child also from availability to do chores (learning experience in family and community skills) and work.

We have to be careful, the nation's drive for MBAs, scientists, and engineers to fuel the wealth-gatherers and nations's defense technology have systematically destroyed the family farm, the small decentralized small town, or at least too many of them, and most cottage industries.

And the Dept. of Education and teacher unions have been entirely too careless of those students that don't meet the demand for scientists, engineers, and MBAs.

There is much to learn from homework. Before lauding or denigrating homework, our local school boards and parents should have a louder voice in questioning, "Does this topic/subject/approach meet the needs of family and community?"