Saturday, October 20, 2012

Polling Once Again

3 more weeks and I can start talking about some experiments I'll be trying out at the range, but in the meantime there's lots of work at work and at home, and not enough time to do it.

The polling results from the last debate are now trickling in as the major ones are 3 or 7 day rolling averages, and the debate that the press tells us Obama won decisively seems to be giving Romney a 1-2 point bounce. Meantime it is being reported that money earmarked for Colorado is being moved to Ohio as Romney has put on a 2-point lead here.

Ohio is obviously in play:
Also Gravis has a new poll coming out this morning from Ohio pegging the race a 47%-47% tie, with a D+9 sample.
It is not only still 2008 there, but the local economy must have gotten noticeably better in the last 4 years.

PPP is due to release some polls on swing states, of which Colorado is one. I actually got called by them last night. It's a robo-call in which all you have to do is push buttons on the phone to answer. They asked who I was likely to favor for president and U.S. house, so I told them the republican. They asked if I was sure? I told them yes. They asked my party affiliation and knowing that they over sample Democrats, and wanting my voice heard, I told them I was a Democrat. They also asked my race, and suspecting another over sampling effort, I informed them I was black.

Hey, if Bill Clinton can do it, why not me. The day of the disaffected black voter is here!

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