Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Gun!

On a much-less-than-serious note, I have added to my gun collection a copy of the world-famous Desert Eagle Roscoe. NIB and complete with 36 rounds of the deadly 5.8 x 22mm ammo:
The kind of firearm every Glock owner dreams of it's 100% ABS plastic construction seems guaranteed to be able to evade any airport security system. (NOTE: I have NO plans to ever board an airplane ever again if I can avoid it.). The break-top action will appeal to the fancier of vintage firearms of this type:
The six round cylinder lifts completely out for easy extraction of spent cases using a swizzle stick, not provided. The gun is advertised as shooting "flaming balls up to 60 feet" and my first experiment more or less confirms the accuracy of the claim. The projectiles seem to be flash paper wrapped around a small explosive pellet, packed two to a cartridge. Propelled by something that smells a lot like the old roll caps I used to shoot, the projectiles leave a trail of sparks behind and deliver a sharp but modest crack at the end. Best fired at night for effect.

Fired straight up, an estimated 40-50 feet of altitude was achieved which would translate into the claimed 60 ft if fired at a more modest trajectory.  The two projectiles exploded about 2-3 feet apart which I believe is referred to as "adequate combat accuracy".

No speed loaders are as yet available although I'm sure HKS and others will quickly be all over this market. Speed unloading is accomplished by removing the cylinder, placing the front end in your mouth and giving an enthusiastic huff. Smokers may need to stick with the swizzle stick.

The light weight and low (nonexistent) recoil make this perfect for the boom-averse home defense folks. Fired indoors, the projectiles could easily bounce 4 or 5 times before detonating who knows where. It's enough to incapacitate the most hardened home invader in paroxysms of laughter, giving you time to beat feet out the door and down the street.

As the manufacturer states: This is not a toy cap pistol! (Disregard the printing on the plastic bag that states otherwise). Given the incendiary nature of the projectiles, I can imagine all sorts of You-Tube worthy feats that could be accomplished with the addition of only a couple of beers. The mind boggles, yes it does.

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