Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Presidential Debates

Piecing together the punditry, one eventually is able to figure out what exactly happened in the last debate. The media has spent 3 years telling us that a man who can barely speak his whole name without a teleprompter is the greatest orator ever, bar none, one who understands everyone's problems to a degree usually only attributed to deities. This man who can, unlike King Canute, make the sea recede and flowers bloom where his feet fall. On the other hand, there's his opponent, who makes Snidely Whiplash look like a good Boy Scout, who's existance causes cancer in women, and who has amassed a fortune by robbing every working man in the country by remote control.

Alas, neither of these men showed up. Instead of the media image, we all got to see the real unvarnished candidates.

At this rate, Romney will do just fine. Obama however needs his image inflated a bit more. Perhaps a catchy meme like "He's an even greater man than Mohammed!" will do the trick. I like that one, it's sure to improve his image.

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