Tuesday, October 2, 2012


In a column by Roger Simon, several things were attributed to Paul Ryan that should have tipped any normal person off that satire was in use, but, after leading no less a personage than Paul Krugman down the garden path. Mr. Krugman didn't read quite all the column, and thus didn't know quite what was in it. At the end of the piece:
As for Simon, he appended an explanation of sorts to his column: "Author's note: Jonathan Swift did not really want Irish people to sell their children for food in 1729; George Orwell did not really want the clocks to strike thirteen in 1984; Paul Ryan, I am sure, calls Mitt Romney something more dignified than 'Stench' and Microsoft did not invent PowerPoint as a means to euthanize cattle. At least I am pretty sure Microsoft didn't."
Having undergone near euthanasia by Power Point myself more than once,  I can sympathize with the doubts expressed there at the end.

Thanks to Taranto for this one.

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