Monday, September 10, 2012


While I was working on nuclear missiles for Giant Aerospace Company, there appeared in Aviation Leak and Space Treachery, an ad for a job opening as a ride designer at Disney World in Fla.

Most of us thought this sounded like a real dream job, myself included although there were a couple of requirements which, alas, most of us didn't have. The talk turned to ideal jobs, and my pick was to be a designer of small windup toys for Toomy Toy. The drawback as I saw it was that the company was located in Frostbite Falls Minnesota, so the weather would be a real downer.

Here's another, with Hasbro where some lucky dude gets paid for building larger and larger and ever more powerful Nerf guns. The drawback again is the location, Rhode Island not being high on my list of places to go back to. Yes, I lived there once, a long time ago. It was fun then, but I'm having a hard time finding it all that amusing any more. Still, there's those foam rubber blasters.

Designing and building kids toys has always appealed to me. Now if only someone would do it in a milder climate.


Brad K. said...

I worked two years in Minneapolis. The weather gets colder than Aurora a few times in winter, and it gets more rain.

It wasn't the weather that brought me to leave (the company closed the facilities). The people are solid, personable. And they had Byerly's grocery stores. And Uncle Hugo's bookstore.

I was less happy with the ice storms the year I spent in King of Prussia, PA. (King of Prussia, PA, is named for the King of Prussia tavern, not the ruler of Prussia. The tavern still stood, vacant, in the median of I-76, back 20 years ago. The tavern, now, was named the King of Prussia after the ruler of Prussia.)

jed said...

Well, Bill, the obvious solution is to come up with a toy, the production and distribution of which you can manage right from your existing home.

The main issue I see with this is that anything you or I are likely to come up with will certainly end up being banned by the CPSC.

Billll said...

That right there guarantees us massive sales and some damn fine reasons to not mention them in public.