Saturday, September 22, 2012


The NYPD is getting drones. This causes the NYCLU to get it's panties in a bunch.

 To judge from the depicted flight path they won't be any more accurate than an NYPD cop with a Glock.


Brad K. said...

I have seen two arguments against drones.

First, is they cannot target what good old groundwork-type intelligence hasn't gathered. They are quick, on the spot, and there is no human at the scene making the call. That makes for a lot of room for making mistakes. Even for just surveillance.

With all the SWAT teams out there, how long will it be before armed drones are used to wage attacks?

The other thing is the same problem of increasing numbers of other armed and invasive forces -- they disrupt too many people that aren't legitimate targets.

My own theory is that increased surveillance such as drones and electronic tapping will lead to overload of operators and analysis capability (if it already hasn't), and enforcement will depend on campaign contributions, political allegiance, labor union status, cash payments and intimate arrangements, and other gateways to corruption and tyranny. For the general public, the cost of drones and associated support, operators, communications, etc. will mean less protection.

Billll said...

The good news is that there will be new jobs opening up. Job title: Intelligence analyst. Requirements may be as little as the ability to watch a computer screen for 8 hours without nodding off. Job description will include being able to recognize intervention-worthy events as you see them unfold on a low-res camera from a mile away and decide weather to push the button yourself (senior) or ask your supervisor (junior).

Job title: Drone drone.