Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vote Fraud

Here's a complete how-to. Caveat: It's only guaranteed to work in Ohio, although 18 electoral votes may be worth an all out effort.


The Right To Own Your Home said...

Do you really want to know how to commit voter fraud?

Ask “Steve Wark, Republican consultant, former chairman of the Republican Party [ Nevada ] and former Republican Gov. Kenny Guinn’s field director“, who is facing a 30 year prison sentence and a $1 million fine for rigging elections in Nevada.

They prepared forged ballots listing out-of-town homeowners and either delivered or mailed the ballots to California, the documents said. Then, the ballots were mailed back to Las Vegas from various California locations to make it appear as though they were coming from homeowners outside Nevada.

At the time Wark and company were engaging in voter fraud, it was not illegal to rig an election in Nevada, so the feds had to charge the conspirators with “mail fraud”. There have been 27 guilty-pleas and 4 “suicides” in the past year, and the feds aren’t close to being done. They’re going after cops, lawyers, and judges involved.

The FBI investigation into the massive voter-fraud scandal in Nevada has been going on for 4 years, yet Pajamas Media and every other conservative and libertarian media outlet has ignored this story. Why?

Billll said...

The LVRJ is on my blacklist on account of the litigious nature of some of their associates. I suppose I could take it off now.

I note that the election in question was a homeowners association election which is a different category from a civic election although no less bothersome to those subject to its whims.

Jail time seems appropriate. Tar and feathers should be waiting when he gets out.