Friday, September 28, 2012

Impending Disaster

This Wednesday the 3rd, 6 miles of the major interstate highway through Denver will be closed during rush hour for the presidential debates in case the Bungler gets a call that his favored tee-time has opened up.

But not to worry, the five-lane interstate will be re-routed onto a putative 3-lane secondary roadway and a 2-3 lane urban boulevard. What could go wrong?

Oh yes, the 3-lane road is effectively a 2-lane road during rush hour due to a carpool lane which I expect will be roundly ignored. Also the only exit from the 3-lane to the boulevard is a one lane exit a short distance beyond a traffic light that on a good day takes 3 cycles to get through.

 Look for headlines the next day along the lines of "Soccer Mom Eats Children To Fend Off Starvation on Sante Fe"

1 comment:

jed said...

That's a day when I'll be sure to leave work a bit early. I normally don't swing over to SantaFe until Dartmouth, but I'm sure the overflow will find its way to Platte River Dr. too.

I guess this is the price we pay for becoming a swing state. There ought to be some way to turn CO solidly red. Or even better, Libertarian. Nothing legal comes to mind, however.

Really, they should have their debate out at DIA, at 3AM on a Tuesday.