Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Personal Nukes

And you thought I was kidding about that 1/20 scale model of "Fat Man". How about a 1/20 scale model of Three Mile Island, only without the complexities that caused all the trouble back when?

At $50M for 25 MW, they don't give a super detailed breakdown of where the money goes, but telling me it costs 15% less than a conventional nuclear reactor leaves a few flags up in my mind. A large percentage of the cost of installing a conventional reactor is sunk into lawyers fees to deal with the nuisance lawsuits brought by the Greenies.

If I were less than scrupulous, and wanted a nuke plant installed, I'd put the local mob on retainers. Thus, when some Committee for the Preservation of the Spotted Wood Tick sent a lawyer around with papers, I'd simply have Guido and Nunzio pay them a visit with free transportation and complimentary membership to the Greenies Convention, currently being held at the bottom of the deepest nearby body of water. I'd be selling megawatts inside of six months.

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