Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ammunition Shortage

Bob Owens over at Pajamas Media notes that the ammo shortage plaguing shooters in the U.S. is not just a local phenomenon, but is manifesting all over the world.

Noting that most of the world is not, at the moment, engaged in a shooting war, I'm wondering if the abdication of the U.S. from its traditional role as world policeman. Or at least World Adult at the Party.

Doublecrossia would worry less about the inclination of Backstabistan to rectify their borders or destabilize their government if they knew that the U.S. would, at least, find such activities Deeply Disappointing*. When the U.S. seems to find foreign policy Deeply Uninteresting, you need to be ready to deal with contingencies yourself, which means stocking up on ammo.

*Diplomatic speak. Means you would probably be well advised not to sleep in the same bed 2 nights running. Can be emphasizes by putting a Tomahawk in one of your known beds.

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