Friday, May 7, 2010

Deportation, The Numbers

Foreign Policy has a short piece asking the age-old question: If all the illegal immigrants in this country were to be deported at once, how many buses would it take?

They posit the use of 60 passenger buses, and conclude that some 200,000 would be required. To which I say nonsense.

Recently I saw a clip of a police helicopter video tracking an 11 passenger van as it rolled through the suburbs. Eventually it ran a stop sign, side-swiped another car, veered into the ditch, and turned over on its side. In moments the doors popped open, and, by my count, some 25 people climbed out, and ran away. Since they were not wearing fright wigs or large shoes, let's assume they were illegals.

Given this demonstrated ability to pack them selves in, the 60 passenger bus now holds some 135, and the number required drops to 88,000, saving the taxpayer big bucks, but why stop there?

The larger school buses are rated for up to 80 students, which translates into 182 deportees per bus. To move 12 million requires only 65,934. An enterprising person would be able to low-ball his bid, beat out Greyhound, and still make a nice profit.

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