Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blow Up The World

Just in time to celebrate the global ammo shortage....

After a 2-year hiatus, the festival of Blow Up The World is back on the calendar for June 19th from 9AM to 3PM. A combination of picnic, BBQ, and day at the range, it's a family event at which you may well get a chance to get knocked on your butt by a genuine 2-bore. If there is a particular caliber you think would be fun to shoot, if you don't have the gun, just bring the ammo. In most cases, someone will have the gun to shoot it in.
Bring food, water, shade, chairs, eye and ear protection, sun screen, guns, and ammo. Oh yes, and don't forget the ammo.

This event is sponsored by the Wildlife Hunters Association of Colorado and the Denver Mad Scientists Club. If you are not a WHAC member, please RSVP in the comments here.

Edited to add the date and time.


Brad K. said...


Maybe get a free finger print kit for every shooter. Maybe you could get the Gun Owners of South Africa (if there are any left, since the government there is busy confiscating all registered firearms) to sponsor a Homeland Security/ATF booth to register any firearms for free!

Darryl said...

When is it?

Billll said...

June 19th.

Damn! I knew I left some minor detail out.

Railgap said...

That map's a little small to be useful. I can tell it's a map, at least. Barely.