Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hi-Point 4095 Range Report 2

One more trip to the range, this time with some reloads. Using Berrys Bullets plated bullets, 155gr round nose flat point, over 5.4 gr of Hodgdon Titegroup. This combo is a low level load and is advertised to deliver 1058 fps through some mythical gun that Hodgdon uses to test such things.

This load delivered an average of 1350 fps through my chroney. Nice. Paula the neophyte tried the gun and found to her amazement and approval she was shooting 1 in groups at 25 yards. I didn't try for groups.

A friend brought his kid, a watermelon, and a couple of flats of eggs out to play with. His .45 auto punched neat holes in the melon, eventually causing it to split on the bottom. I loaned him the Hi-Point and it made the melon explode in properly photogenic fashion. Pink debris, 20 foot radius.You'll have to trust me on this, as no one had a camera.

Paula the neo tried the Hi Point on the eggs. She nailed 2 eggs in 3 shots at 25 yards. Believe me what happened to the eggs is good basic material for a special effect on Star Trek when the Klingon ship hits the antimatter space mine. If you try this on your range, put the eggs far apart. The blast radius is about 24-30 inches.

I don't have a vast supply of powder to experiment with, but Hodgdon lists a load involving HS-6 powder using about 40% more powder, that delivers close to the same performance as the Titegroup loads I was using. At a guess, I would say the performance increase in the carbine would be even greater. If someone gives me a few tablespoons full, I'll try it. Barrys does not recommend very high velocities for their plated bullets, but the relatively gentle accelerations in the longer barrel may get around this. Further experimentation is indicated. Oh yes.

Did I mention this little shooter is fun?

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