Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bowling Pins

Not only did I enjoy great success hunting the wily wild bowling pins, I actually won the match.
Still life fruit with bullet-riddled bowling pin.

The wife says I can keep the traveling trophy at least until next month when I'm under some sort of veiled threat to throw the next match, if necessary. I think it looks great over the fireplace.

I attribute my success to the use of a revolver, as Caleb recommends, and a stance that involves bending backwards. Say what you will, it puts my C.G. over my feet while holding a heavy gun out at arms length. I've seen pictures of myself doing this. It looks awful.

Brought the Hi Point 4095 along too. Several people tried it, and all seemed to like it. To date, zero jams or misfeeds. The biggest guys felt the stock was too short, so if you're over 6'4", you might want to add a butt extension. Consensus of opinion is that if the iron sights art to be replaced, a 1-4x scout scope with a wide aperture would be the top choice.

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