Sunday, March 15, 2009

Todays Gun Show

Worked the gun show today for the CSSA. Not too many people there, probably due to the new venue in Yemeni Aurora*. Not so much stuff, and what was there was way over priced. Once fired brass was selling for about what finished ammo was bringing about a month ago. If you didn't stock up then, you're out of luck now, and doomed to be over run by the zombie hoards in the near future.

Spent 3 hours looking at outrageous prices, and listening to the fellow at the table behind us complaining about his lousy sales, which seemed to include a nice stack of 4473s. Every where you went was an unceasing rumble of complaint about the current administration. These folks are getting well and truly fed up with the tomfoolery, and patience, which Jimmy Carter got, is mighty thin among the natives.

*For those of you not familiar with the Denver area, there's an inside joke here. Aurora is the 'burb just East of Denver. A bedroom community that never developed anything resembling a downtown to the point that "downtown Aurora" is itself a local joke. Being out east of town it has expanded into the prairie and over the barren hills of what might best be described as "West Kansas", the part they willingly gave up for lack of water or any other resources. The generally arid landscape led to the place being called "Saudi Aurora" by large numbers of Denverites, and the gun show site is out at the extreme eastern edge, hence Yemeni Aurora.


Anonymous said...


Who had a gun show? I admit, I'm not keeping up these days.

Speaking of "huh?", I just check the Crossroads calendar, and they have bupkis the rest of the year in Colorado.

Got no money to spend, but I'm tempted to head to Tanner next weekend, for the hell of it.

Billll said...

Crossroads is either defunct or has been acquired by someone else. In any case, they are no more in CO. Gun Shows of the Rockies is the new kid on the block and held their show at Arapahoe County Fair Grounds last weekend.
If you go to the Tanner, I'll be at the CSSA booth between 11 and 2 on Sunday.

I can't believe I misspelled Today in the title and didn't catch it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll see what I can do about Sunday. Not sure, with the decrepit Volvo gasping and wheezing like it is.

Anonymous said...

Update: Barring unforeseen circumstance, I'll be there.