Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gun Stuff

Cleanup day at the range where we busied ourselves evicting several hundred mice from the equipment shed, and watched a Rhodesian Ridgeback chase the rabbits. Rabbits are faster.
We may be able to get some birdhouses, in Hawk and Golden Eagle sizes put up at the range, too, as the raptor support group is happy to do this, at no charge, no less.

Shot Mr. Completelys postal match. This is supposed to be a copy of a steel challenge stage, and all I've got to say is that I hope the real steels aren't that small at the normal distances.

Worked a quite crowded gun show, and ran into Jed of He hasn't posted anything for a while, but when he does, it's generally worth a read. He may have writers block, in which case, get well soon, Jed.

Ran into another friend who was taking some coursework at a local college. At some point he hoisted his laptop, which caught on his jacket, and briefly exposed his carry gun, for which he has a permit. Someone reported this to the dean, who widdled his britches, and summarily called my friend in and expelled him from the school.
To the best of anyones knowlege, the school had no published policy regarding CCW, and had no notices posted anywhere. The course instructor was not bothered in the least, and as a result has incurred some wrath from the dean. Still collecting details on this.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, Billll. No, don't have writer's block. Just haven't gotten 'round to acquiring new hosting yet. At the moment, it's actually down a ways on my financial priorities. Perhaps one day you'll be fortunate enough to gaze upon my decrepit Volvo. Things like having the rotors turned are higher priorities than blogging.