Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Today is Earth Hour, which used to be Earth Day, and I know that it has its supporters and detractors, so here's how it works:

For the detractors, turn on your porch light, and any other lights you still have control over. For those of you in California, this may be limited to the porch light if you have the "smart meter" on your house that allows the local power company to control your usage. Afterwords, if you turn off the porch light, your refrigerator may be allowed come back on line, so be sure to drink any beer you have before it gets warm.

For you supporters, turn off all the lights around your house, and leave the keys in your car. Local community activists will be around to confirm your compliance, check your cars emissions by starting the engine, and will put your address on a list to receive a new car from the upcoming Earth Hour bailout .

Trust us on this one, it won't be like last year when the lights came back on, and Detroit was missing.

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