Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gerrymandering The Entire Country

Oboe is not only planning to move the census collection from the Commerce Department, where the constitution says it properly resides, to the White House, where the constitution does NOT say it belongs, he is bringing in some special help. ACORN.
ACORN, the scandal-plagued organization with close ties to Barack Obama, will be assisting Obama and Democrats with the US census.
Yup, the folks that registered "DoDad Pro" to vote, along with thousands of other non-existent folks, will be out there insuring that states that are hemorrhaging voters don't lose any representatives.

It seems the states losing population fastest, like California, New Jersey, Mighagan and New York, were the reddest of the red during elections, but will be losing representation to bluer states like Utah and Texas. In an effort to preserve any advantage he can, Obie will now demonstrate how to gerrymander an entire country in a single census. Good trick if he can pull it off.

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