Sunday, March 29, 2009

Biker Gangs

Or to put it more "correctly, "Bikie Gangs". Bear with me here, this one comes from Australia, and as we know, English, as we know it, is not their first language.
Anyway, there seems to be enough of an upsurge in the bikies having at one another, in a land where the national sport is drinking, that parlament feels that Something Must Be Done. In this respect they're exactly like us.
At least one MP seems to think it's time that the foolishness involved needed to be held up for ridicule. He proposes mandatory re-naming of the various bikies from the names current now, i.e. Banditos, Hells Angels, etc, to a list of government-approved names:
* I Have Two Daddies
* Hell’s Netballers
* The Petersham Power Lispers
* Lilith Fair
* Cuter in Chiffon
* Earth Hour
These are just a few of the offerings. He also offers the standard nostrum of the anti-gun people, the buyback.

Also, Mr Speaker, may I mention the Harley-Davidson buy-back now under way. You possibly noticed Dancing With Quentin protesting outside Parliament today aboard their replacement Honda 110 step-throughs.

I’m happy to report that they all went home after a friendly visit from The Crystal Street Lycra And Lace Cuddle Fellowship. At least, I think they all went home.
I'm sure the visit was as congeniel as that sort of thing usually is.

Thanks to Tim Blair, and RTWT

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