Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tea Party Platform

The Tea Party movement is gaining momentum rapidly, due to Republicans losing their jobs, and having weekday afternoons free to attend rallies. Some people are even speculating as to what sort of platform should form the basis for such a party. Suggested items include:

1) A flat tax. Some modest rate to be paid by everybody. No deductions, no exceptions.

2) Congressional Term Limits. The more charitable suggest that sitting congressmen with less than 12 years service be exempt from hanging. Wussies.

In addition, I will suggest a couple more:

3) Federal TABOR. This limits annual increases in spending to the increase in population plus inflation.

4) Adjust the taxes on business. Might as well make them zero, as they don't pay them anyway, their customers do, in the form of higher prices.

5) Phase in privatized Social Security. You'll retire much richer this way, and not be dependent on the government when you're old and too ditzy to know better any more. Example: Chile.

6) A constitutional amendment banning socialism. This might be tricky to write, as traditionally you're limited to 2 sentences or so. I'm open to suggestions on this one, although borrowing from the first seems like a good start. Something like: "Congress shall make no law establishing the practices of commerce, nor shall it limit the practice thereof." OK that one needs work. I will defer to practicing constitutional lawyers of the proper bent. Volokh? Anyone?


Windy Wilson said...

Considering how elastic the commerce clause has proved to be lo these last 100 years, your draft will need a lot of work.

Billll said...

It's an open contest to write this one. The winner gets to become my Attorney General when I become dictator.

Anonymous said...

very good bill, I like all those proposals