Thursday, January 22, 2009

Road Signs

Want to know how to program those electronic road signs you see everywhere?

Drop by over at I-Hacked and find out.

3. Programming is as simple as scrolling down the menu selection to “Instant Text”. Type whatever you want to display, Hit Enter to submit. You can now either throw it up on the sign by selecting “Run w/out save” or you can add more pages to it by selecting “Add page”

** HACKER TIPS ** Should it will ask you for a password. Try “DOTS”, the default password.

In all likelihood, the crew will not have changed it. However if they did, never fear. Hold “Control” and “Shift” and while holding, enter “DIPY”. This will reset the sign and reset the password to “DOTS” in the process. You’re in!

Like everything that's this much fun, it's frowned upon by the authorities. So when you try this, drive a white pickup, and wear an orange vest and a white hard hat. Coincidentally, I'm only missing the vest. Maybe I'll start keeping my eye out for an abandoned one.

I mean, people need to know when they're coming up on a zombie zone, or when something unusual might be crossing the road.

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