Sunday, January 25, 2009

Assault Weapons

Carnaby, over at Carnaby Fudge is fisking the Brady bunch, and as he says, fisking them got old a long time ago. Regrettably, they operate on the principle that a lie repeated often enough, and loudly enough, will become the truth, so refuting them over and over is the free mans burden, so to speak.

I did get something of a kick out of one part of their shopworn manifesto though:
ATF’s analysis of guns traced to crime showed that assault weapons “are preferred by criminals over law abiding citizens eight to one... Access to them shifts the balance of power to the lawless.”
Which made me think, if I was a gangsta selling crack on the corner of 18th and Williams, and I wanted the rival vendor at 19th and Williams to move along, in the Buddist sense of the phrase, I'd definately prefer to use a semiautomatic rifle on him than a law abiding citizen. If for no other reason because the rifle is easier to carry.

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