Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bowling Pins

Went to the club pin shoot today, with 15 other folk. When we got there, about 8 in the morning, it was about 35 degrees. This was the days high. By the end of the pin shoot, the temp had dropped to 26, and the snow had begun. At this point, I left, but some of the others stayed for the follow-up match involving ARs.

In our defense, we had a fire barrel going there, fed by shot-up backstop wood, and shot-up bowling pins. The maple in the pins burns nice and hot, which almost makes you forget the plastic coating and its unforgettable aroma.

I'm going to try cutting the undamaged tops off some of the pins for use in a .22 match, to be held later. Judging from the way they got shot up, I'd say I could probably cut the tops off before the batch without bothering anyone, and probably helping a couple of unfortunates who had pins fall with the tops toward the shooter.

Me, I could have done better. I lost 3 rounds by very narrow margins, which, had I won them would have put me about 4th overall. We won't talk about my actual finish.

"Bob the Bowler" who ran the match is working on fixing everyone up with nicknames. Sounds like fun. Maybe we'll even adopt a dress code like these folks.

(H.T. to Keyboard and a .45)

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