Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Yeah, I know you're supposed to make them on the first, but I suspect the hung over state a lot of people find themselves in is responsible for the low success rate later. Anyway, in the spirit of letting someone else make all your important decisions, has assembled a list of 10 resolutions for you, with 3 of their offerings per resolution to help you with them.

These suggestions include #1 losing weight, #4 eliminating your personal vices, such as drinking, smoking, and gambling, and #10 take up a new hobby, such as raising chickens for eggs and meat or making your own wine.

I suppose that indulging vices with products produced by the indulger, then don't count. Sort of like selling yourself carbon credits to offset the sports car you just bought. Just remember, that according to the supreme court, smoking the pot you grew in your back yard has an impact on interstate commerce, and thus comes under the regulation of the federal government.

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