Wednesday, April 1, 2020

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

First off our Paper Of Record posts a story about how the school systems are agitating for an early return to school for the kids who, they are afraid, are not getting sufficient indoctrination via home schooling.

2 days or so later, today the Wall St Journal (paywall) has a story up noting that the educrats in Oregon, having shut down their public school system, are also trying to shut down a big online charter school as too many former public school children are trying to transfer into it. Unsurprisingly, their governor agrees.

Like Natalie and Lincoln, some 300 students successfully transferred in mid-March to Oregon Connections Academy alone, and the teacher’s unions were alarmed by this mass exodus from the public schools.Under pressure from the unions, the Oregon Department of Education stopped allowing transfers on March 27. At Oregon Connections Academy, this means some 1,600 students who had sought to transfer won’t be able to, says Jeff Kropf, the school’s founder and president of the board of directors.It could be worse. The state Department of Education originally contemplated closing down virtual public charters along with the brick-and-mortar schools, according to a March 24 PowerPoint presentation reviewed by the newspaper Willamette Week. Even during a national crisis, unions would rather deprive students of an education than see their charter-school competitors succeed.

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Merle said...

yeah, must not let the kids escape their daily doses of propaganda......