Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Quarantine Blues

The latest from our governor (Governor Death) Polis implies that gun ranges should shut down.

Trump has declared that all firearm businesses including ranges are "essential services" so there's an argument for keeping them open. Matches, however are a voluntary gathering of some arbitrary number of people, probably greater than the arbitrary numbers declared locally to be "too large" so they could legitimately be cancelled.

Both of my ranges have been shut down until Apr 30. I have written the management to open them for individual use but no organized matches during that time.

Note that the burning of "Old West Incense" (I use Titegroup) can be considered as a prayer to Buddha (or someone) and is far more efficacious when done outdoors or at least in a place with a better ventilation system than our basements afford. Not to mention how much calmer our spouses remain.

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